10 reasons to go vegan. Now!

1. Warmer weather 

In the summer time we tend to eat lighter and healthier. This is a great time to add more salads, fresh vegetables and smoothies to your diet. Warm weather makes us crave lighter foods and more raw vegetables and fruits. Vegan diet is perfect for the summer. 

2. Array of fresh produce

There is no better time for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Very soon there will be tons of locally grown options available. Stop by a farmers stand or your favorite grocery store and stock up on delicious produce that looks and smells so good. Eat it raw, steamed, grilled, sautéed or baked. Options are limitless the choice is yours.

3. Lockdown situation 

The current stay-at-home situation is a perfect time to implement something new without pressure or judgement from your circles. You can start experimenting with new food options and nobody will be looking at you weird.

4. Immunity booster

Health is wealth! And it is not just a saying. There is nothing more important than your health and well being. In times of pandemic, we realize more than ever, that being healthy is what matters the most. Improve your immunity and your overall health with your food choices. Vegan diet has been proven to be the only diet that can prevent and reverse many diseases. 

5. Weight loss

Weight loss comes as a bi-product for many. Eating more fruits and vegetables and eliminating high caloric, fatty foods from your diet will bring positive results on the scale as well. I know, not everybody is focused on this, but it might be a slight motivation for some. 

6. Feel better

Eating nutritious food will help you shine from the inside out. Many report higher energy, better mood and glowing skin among other outcomes of vegan diet. Heal your body and your mind will heal as well. 

7. Save money

Vegan diet is far cheaper than traditional diet. Buy whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, stock up on grains and legumes and you will see your grocery bill is much smaller. Don’t buy into vegan substitution products. Those are not cheap nor healthy. Stick to natural products and your valet will thank you as well. 

8. Go with the flow

If you like to be trendy and up-to-date, then vegan it is. Join the movement of conscious people and eat vegan. It’s good for you, for the planet and animals. Being trendy shouldn’t be a primary reason to go vegan, but what the heck?!? Why not? Many celebrities, athletes and public figures have been already following a vegan diet or have just started recently and they are becoming a very strong voice of vegan movement and you should definitely join them.

9. Help to end world hunger

New studies are showing a direct impact of vegan diet to world hunger. If we stop feeding grains to animals world hunger will disappear. Obviously, humans eat less than animals so we could use these plants to feed humans instead. 

10. Save the planet 

Your food choices have far bigger impact than you think. Vegan diet reduces carbon footprint by 73%. Your daily choices matter much more than you might think. Help to preserve the earth for future generations and go vegan now!

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  1. Hey Silvia,

    Thanks for sharing all these fantastic reasons to go vegan. My favorites are #4, #9, and #10!

    I’m vegan for health, the animals, and the environment. ???

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