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Snicker Bar

Gooey and chewy deliciousness that’ll make you do a double take. Our twist on a snack classic without all the crap. Chocolate, agave, peanuts, and sea salt will take you down memory lane.

Snicker Bar

  • sunflower seeds, oats, dates, walnuts, water, peanuts, agave, chocolate (coconut oil, cacao, agave, cacao butter), sea salt, vanilla

  • USDA recommended serving (80g)

    Total calories 320

    Total fat 21g (26%)

    Saturated fat 2.5g (14%) 

    Sodium 25mg (1%)

    Total carbohydrates 30g (11%)

    Dietary fiber 6g (20%)

    Total sugars 11g 

    Protein 9g