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Our Founder's Journey

“Skipping is for ropes, not dessert.”

- Silvia Vidova

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Vegan Cheesecakes by Culiraw is a testament to a passion-filled journey. Our founder, Silvia Vidova, embarked on a quest for a healthier dessert option. What began as a personal endeavor blossomed into a vibrant range of vegan cheesecakes that invite you to indulge without hesitation. Experience the Bliss: Savor the delight of our vegan cheesecakes. Elevate your moments with sophistication, flavor, and a dash of goodness. Vegan Cheesecakes by Culiraw – where indulgence meets nourishment, one cheesecake at a time.

Our Mission

Is to delight your taste buds with the creamiest, most flavorful, guilt-free Vegan Cheesecakes that cater to a healthier lifestyle for all.

The Culiraw Difference

Our vegan cheesecakes are a fusion of creativity and nature's goodness. Each decadent creation is handcrafted using the best available, all-natural, organic ingredients. From the richness of cashews and walnuts to the sweetness of dates and the vibrancy of fresh fruit – every element tells a story of flavors united in harmony.

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