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Our mission is to make the world’s tastiest, all-natural, guilt-free desserts to support a healthier lifestyle for all people.

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Whether you follow a plant-based diet, have various food allergies, need a natural pick-me-up, or are on a fitness journey, Culiraw’s guilt-free desserts - packed with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and fiber - will satisfy your cravings. 


Our raw, certified vegan desserts are made with natural ingredients that nourish and energize your body without compromising the flavor, texture, or essential nutrients your body craves.

We use all-natural, organic cashews, walnuts, dates, cacao, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, fresh fruit, matcha, maca, goji berries, chia seeds, açai, and agave - along with a ton of love. 

Culiraw Guilt Free Desserts DO NOT contain added sugars, preservatives, soy, GMOs, or artificial flavoring. They are VEGAN, LACTOSE-FREE, RAW, GLUTEN-FREE, and some are even NUT-FREE. 

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My Culiraw journey started in 2017. I had experienced digestive issues, abdominal discomfort, energy drainage, and trouble focusing. Research led me to an alkaline-rich and mostly vegan diet which immediately improved my vibrancy and mood. 



I looked everywhere for options to cure my dessert cravings and discovered a gap in the market but an opportunity; there were no tasty, plant-based, nutritious desserts ANYWHERE. So, together with my partner at the time, I set on a mission to satisfy mine and others' cravings and birthed Culiraw Guilt-Free desserts with the mission to make the world's tastiest all-natural treats. Cooking up these healthy but mouthwatering recipes in the kitchen allows me to continue my health and fitness path with delicious sinless cheats. 

I felt great, but what about my sweet tooth?! 

Like I always say,


"Skipping is for ropes, not desserts."


- Silvia Vidova, Founder and chief sweet tooth-er.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Culiraw is vegan, but not for vegans only.

We offer great alternatives for everybody who loves sweets, but doesn’t like the aftermath of having an artificial sugar overload.

We do NOT use flour, processed sugar or dairy products so really, when we say our desserts are for everyone, they are for EVERYONE!

Our desserts are the perfect option for celiacs, diabetics and lactose intolerants. They are THE BEST pairing with any diet or  lifestyle. 

Our desserts are only made of natural, organic ingredients. Most of our treats have only cashews, walnuts, dates, cacao and coconut oil in them. We also use spices like vanilla and cinnamon, along with fresh fruit to add even more flavor. To boost nutritional value we add superfoods such as matcha, maca, goji, chia seeds and açai. Other than that, it’s just pure love. If we need to sweeten things up, we use dates and some agave from mother nature herself!

Our desserts are not only good looking and delicious, but they’re also healthy and beneficial to your body.

They are full of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and fiber. Since we don’t use processed sugar, your blood pressure won’t spike up after eating, aka– it will help you to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Also, fiber will fill you up and help you digest quicker than processed desserts. Due to the fact they are raw, none of the nutritional value is destroyed by cooking. You can indulge in our desserts any time of the day and be completely guilt-free. This is what makes us unique! Raw, vegan, healthy desserts that are gluten free and sugar free!

You don’t have to compromise your diet or your lifestyle.

Sit back and enjoy!

With love,

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